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Metairie, LA USA

Rob Martin, or Redbone, has been fishing the marshes of southeast Louisiana almost his entire life. During the time he fished he had another project in the back of his mind - to design the absolute best bait for one of south Louisiana's favorite fish, speckled trout.

After a series of modifications to the leader, shrimp, rattles and corks, Redbone released in late 2000 what he believes is the ultimate rig for catching speckled trout. Aptly dubbed The Speculizer, Redbone and his friends made these baits, and caught fish with them. They often out-fished others who used live bait.

Redbone had a feeling that he was on to something big. But he knew very little about marketing. Until he sought out the help of one of the country's most active fishing and hunting websites - After meeting with Mike Lane and Helmut Ermlich, the co-owners of the company explained to Redbone a simple, buy strategic marketing plan that would enable him sell thousands of Speculizers.

Today, Redbone is having a difficult time keeping up with all of the orders. To date, Redbone has sold thousands of Speculizers, and he orders just keep coming in.

"I've exceeded all of my expectations," said Redbone, of Metairie. "But it didn't happen overnight. It was more like a slow, methodical process."

The secret to success on is posting reports regular. Since he started the website in 1995, Mike Lane has seen advertisers achieve varying degrees of success. One of his success stories is Capt. Peace Marvel, who booked more than 400 trips last year on alone.

"We've learned over the years that posting is the key to success," Lane said. "But not a straight advertisement. Readers are more likely to read your message if your post is integrated with a fishing report."

Redbone recalls making his first post.

"When I first started, I'd put up a post and go get a cup of coffee," he said. "By the time I got back, my box would be filled with e-mails. It was a lot of fun. I'd have to discipline myself from checking it every 15 minutes."

Redbone recruited friends and they would sit in his garage making Speculizers. But it reached a point where they could not satiate the demand of speckled trout anglers across the Gulf Coast.

"We started shipping two orders of 12 to retailers. Then we were shipping six orders of 12," he said. "We're now shipping hundreds of Speculizers."

" works," Redbone said. "It's all in the postings. If you know something works, as anglers we want to tell someone else that it works. The Speculizer has proven itself as productive bait. But was the vehicle that has helped distribute it to thousands of new customers

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