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Seabrook Harbor
5801 France Road
New Orleans, LA 70126 USA
(504) 283-6001
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Seabrook Harbor

Ever dreamed of waking up in the morning, stepping off a beautiful new dock and onto your boat that is ready and waiting on the water? The fish boxes and Igloos have been iced down, and the boat is fueled up and ready to go. Your systems have been checked, and even your live well has been filled with bait. Clutching a cup of hot coffee you idle out of the harbor with your bow pointed in the direction of some the most amazing fisheries in the Gulf South. As you take in an awe-inspiring sunrise your only concern is deciding where to fish. Life is good and the possibilities endless. In a matter of minutes you can be targeting trophy speckled trout in Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, or the marsh interiors off the nearby Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.

Or you may decide make the short run to the Delacroix or Hopedale regions to stalk tailing redfish with topwater lures in the gin-clear shallows and duck ponds. Porpoises surface near your boat as exotic birds soar in the morning sky. You breathe in the salty air and realize this must surely be a dream.

But what may have once been an elusive dream for the rich and famous is now an affordable reality. Seabrook Harbor and Seabrook Marine on the Lakefront is making this possible for a growing number of recreational anglers and boaters in the metro New Orleans area. Ideally located only minutes from the central business district, Seabrook Harbor is a world-class destination. It is a veritable paradise for anyone who enjoys the water. But until now this kind of facility has only been found in other Gulf Coast states such as Florida and along the Atlantic Coast. With one phone call the professionals at Seabrook Harbor will take care of everything so you can get on the water faster and easier, and not have to worry about the endless preparations. The business is owned and operated by New Orleans natives Dwight Montz and his two sons, Jeff and David, who take fishing and boating as seriously as you do.

Like many south Louisiana residents the Montz family is passionate about the outdoors, and they love being on the water. They have long known the potential of these beautiful and prolific estuaries, whether you want to catch limits of speckled trout or redfish, or just enjoy a relaxing cruise with family and friends on the scenic lakes or tributaries of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.

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