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Several years ago, before I became addicted to saltwater fishing, I took a serious interest in jigging for crappie. I had the good fortune to fish with Mike Gammill, of Gammill's Crappie Rattlers jig company. He took me out on Lake Yucatan, in northeast Louisiana, and we caught respectable fish all of that day.

During the course of the day, he let me use one of his jig poles, which was NOT an off-the-rack model. Because wet line often sticks to the pole, when using snake-like wire guides, he had replaced them all with ceramic ring guides. Those almost completely held the line away from the body of the rod.

His complete rig was: an 11 foot, two-piece graphite jig pole, from B&M, and a Zebco ultralight UL4 trigger-type, closed-face spinning reel, spooled with 8-lb. test Trilene Solar line.

Terminal tackle was ALWAYS artificial, and typically consisted of a rattling jig head, with a bi-color tube jig. Colors and weights changed throughout the day, but only jigs of his manufacture were used.

His technique is a refinement of tight-lining, since he not only "swims" and "feels" the jig through structure, but he also imparts a frequent "jiggle", to cause the shot-loaded jig to rattle.

When the jig is held out of the water, and shaken, it can be heard at the other end of a 12-foot jon boat.

His boat and motor combination? A 12-foot Duracraft, with a 15-horsepower Yamaha outboard (which he trades in every two years), and a 24-foot pound Minn-Kota hand-controlled, clamp-on trolling motor. The rig is completed with a 240 x 2240 pixel count depth finder (his is Lowrance, mine is an Eagle), and the guy can read individual horizontal sticks at over 20 feet. He counts the fish on structure, and judges their size, BEFORE starting to fish for them.

I know that you won't believe this, but it's true.... because of this tactic, he catches the larger fish, and leaves the little ones in the water !!

Here's a photo of the Zebco UL4 reel, hanging under a B 'n' M Graphite Crappie Pole... spooled with 8# Trilene Solar XT.

Here's a random selection of the rattling jigs that Mike Gammill makes. I understand that he is no longer distributing them to stores, but will make them to order, for individuals. If you're interested, please contact me, and I'll put you in touch.

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