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I'll put you on the fish and we'll have a great time.

MLC Fishing Charters
7415 Frontier Drive * Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
225-262-1082 Lodge: 504-534-1844
Email: mlccharters@att.net

12/5/2014Big Black SubmarineMidLife CrisisDrum, Black
12/5/2014A Collaborative CatchMidLife CrisisDrum, Red
12/5/2014Charlie's TroutMidLife CrisisSeatrout, Spotted
11/20/2014Joe's Redfish AdventureMidLife CrisisDrum, Red
11/20/2014Ronnie's RedMidLife CrisisMargate
11/20/2014Whoah WopperMidLife CrisisDrum, Red
11/6/2014Redfish BeautyRandy McCollumBearDrum, Red
11/5/2014Melerine's Cmp RentalWild Wayne- - -
10/2/2014Super Fishing DayMidLife CrisisSeatrout, Spotted
8/6/2014Smiling BoysMidLife Crisis- - -
7/10/2014Proof PerfectMidLife Crisis- - -
7/8/2014Easy Fishin'MidLife Crisis- - -
7/1/2014Texas TrioMidLife CrisisSeatrout, Spotted
6/14/201442 lb. RedMidLife CrisisDrum, Red
6/9/2014Oh C---!MidLife Crisis- - -
5/30/2014Super Fun DayMidLife Crisis- - -
5/26/2014Kelsey's TripMidLife Crisis- - -
5/12/2014Trout Kind of DayMidLife Crisis- - -
5/5/2014Fabulous FrankMidLife CrisisDrum, Red
5/5/2014Hands Full of FunMidLife CrisisDrum, Red
5/5/2014Head SheepsheadMidLife CrisisSheepshead
5/2/2014Double FunMidLife CrisisDrum, Red
4/30/2014Water Boy BradMidLife CrisisGar, Alligator
3/29/2014Smile/No SmileMidLife CrisisDrum, Red
3/29/2014Tanner's TriumphMidLife CrisisDrum, Red
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