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Robert Campo - Campo's Marina

Shell Beach, LA USA

Great fishing is at SHELL BEACH!!!

Right now is the best fishing I have seen in long time. Everybody who leaves the dock here at Campo's Marina returns with loads of specs and reds. People have been catching fish from Breton Island to Shell Beach and everywhere in between. I have had anglers catch fish at the Fort and Old Navy Basethe, the east shoreline of Lake Borgne, the short and long Rocks, the Dam, the rigs in Bay Eloi, Deadman Island, Black Bay, and even Morgan Harbor. The fishing is best I have seen in years, so y'all have got to come on down to Campo's Marina in Shell Beach and take part of this awesome fishing!

We, at Campo's Marina, would just like to thank all of our loyal charter capatins and patrons that do business with us everyday! If it was not for you guys, we would't know what to do, so we sincerely thank you guys!

If you are unfamilar with Shell Beach, we have over 10 charter captains that you could book trips with and take part in some amazing fishing!!!

So to be apart of this great fishing season, y'all come on down to Campo's Marina in Shell Beach!!! We have 2 backdowns, ice, gas, diesel, and the only live bait with the guarantee to catch fish or die trying! And by the way, the live shrimp are absolutely beautiful! At Campo's, we have a fun and friendly staff that will get you in and out as quick as possible!

Y'all come on down and see us! If you are not a normal patron of Campo's Marina and are unfamiliar with the area, bring a map and we will more than happy to give you some helpful tips! Remember, at Campo's you're not just fishermen, you're family!

We appreciate your business!!!

The Campo's; Mabel, FJ, Michael, and Robert

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 @ 2:17:27 PM

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