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Robert Campo - Campo's Marina

Shell Beach, LA USA


Guys, the redfish are back in Shell Beach bayou! You don't even need a boat! All you need is a fishing pole and some warm clothes, and you'll catch all the redfish the law allows!!!! The redfish are being caught off of the road from the Yscloskey Bridge to right past Judge Manny Fernandez's house. All you have to do is come on down to Campo's Marina, and we'll tell you right where to go!!!

I know its cold, but the redfish bite is ON!!!! SUIT UP and COME ON DOWN!!!!

At Campo's, we have ice, gas, diesel, and, for the colder months, frozen shrimp. Y'all come on down to Campo's, where you're not just fishermen, you're family!

We appreciate your business!!!

The Campo's; Mabel, FJ, Michael, and Robert

Thursday, February 3, 2011 @ 9:17:38 AM

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