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Robert Campo - Campo's Marina

Shell Beach, LA USA

Tough day at the office today....

Not many fish were caught today, fellas. The fish that were land were caught in Stump Lagoon, Crooked Bayou, Issac's Ditch, The Dam, and by the pipeline signs up the ship channel going towards Verret. But I think its just the beginning of the bad news. This cold front that is going to come through tonight and tomorrow is going to result in high winds out of the Northwest. This is going to dirty the water up in many spots making fishing a little tough, not to mention it is going to be cold. Even with all the bad conditions, we hope to see y'all out tomorrow at Campo's Marina in Shell Beach!

Y'all come on down to Campo's Marina in Shell Beach! We have 2 backdowns, ice, gas, diesel, and the best live shrimp around! We hope to see y'all soon and remember at Campo's you're not just fisherman, you're family!

We appreciate your business!!!

The Campo's; Mabel, FJ, Michael, and Robert

Saturday, December 4, 2010 @ 7:53:44 PM

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