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Stacy Campo

Meraux, LA USA

Well guys, I guess this is seems that we are losing our fight against this oil spill, at least for now.

I just want to express to everyone who has ever fished out of Campos Marina at any time how Thankful, I am for the friendship that were made between you and my husband (Robert Campo). I know that Robert holds each and everyone of you very near and dear to his heart. The Marina was not just a job to him, it was and is his away of life. But, like every thing in life, it is always changing. This is a very sad change and I hope and pray that one day he will be able to get his way of life back. We knew that this day could come but, hoped that it would not ever get here.
I feel very helpless as I watch his heart break. 2 years ago he made a promise to his grandfather that he would do what ever it took to keep the Marina running. But, as it turns out this is out of his hands. I am so very proud of my husband and his fight to keep his promise. I know this is not the end this is just a set back for now!!!
The men of Campos Marina are very proud that they were able to reopen after Katrina. These great men did it for one reason and only one reason "Blackie". At almost 90 years old Blackie wanted to be able to serve who ever felt they needed to just get away for a day and get things off of their minds. And these 3 men took the time from their families and rebuilding houses to make his wish come true!!! And these 3 wonderful men are F.J., Michael and Robert Campo. I know as Robert's wife I don't always tell him how PROUD I am of him for all that he has done but, Non the less I am VERY PROUD OF ALL 3 OF THESE WONDERFUL MEN!!!

This is what our family is all about. Sticking it out together, no matter what and making sure that promises are honored.

So, I again Thank you for all of your support and Friendships. And we look forward to seeing you again a very near and bright future...  

Stacy Campo

Monday, July 5, 2010 @ 9:03:19 PM

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