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Robert Campo's - Campo's Marina

Shell Beach, LA USA

Good Evening anglers! I just want to give a quick report from the BEACH!!!

REDS, REDS, and more REDS!!! Every where you go there are plenty of redfish for you to catch! Some anglers told me that they were catching reds and drum on both side of The Dam early in the week. Also, one our patron fisherman and close friend, Albert Fluky and his 2 buddies, caught 25 beautiful specs fishing the shoreline of Lake Borgne this past weekend. I know its not a lot of fish but the fish were nice and it is a good sign of things to come.

The east shoreline of Lake Borgne has been holding plenty redfish, as well as a few speckled trout. Jankie's Ditch has also been holding a few fish. Another patron and close friend, Roland Navaro, catch 15 specs there last week. Again, another good sign.

Don't worry guys, the trout bite will be back on soon! So y'all come down to Campo's Marina in Shell Beach! We have two backdowns, ice, gas, diesel, and live bait! At Campo's, you're not just fishermen, you're family!

We appreciate your business!

REMEMBER, this saturday kicks off the beginning of LIVE BAIT trawling season so y'all come out and see us! Get ready for a great summer of fishing with the best live bait money can buy!

The Campo's; Mabel, FJ, Michael, and Robert

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 @ 4:46:11 PM

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