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Robert Campo - Campo's Marina

Shell Beach, LA USA

I know its been a while since my last report but the fishing is starting up so I figured that it is time to start posting!

As most you you anglers may know, the trout have been hard to find. I heard over the weekend that a few anglers caught a decent amount of specs behind Delacroix Island. However, there are plenty of redfish, drum, and sheephead out there right now! They are almost jumping in the boat! Whenever the weather allows you to get to the outside, I'm talking about the Central rig, Holy Cross rig, and the other rigs of the Breton Sound, you are alomst guaranteed to catch some reds, drums, and sheephead.

I know everybody is anxious to get to the trout! My prediction is that when the shrimp show up, the trout will follow. I really do not think that it is going to be long before we are back to great trout fishing. A few anglers have caught some trout along the east shoreline of Lake Borgne. They were fishing all the little cuts and bayous coming offf the lakeshore. They did not come back with many, but it was definitely a good sign to see some specs in their icechests.

Just a reminder that bait season starts May 1st. I hope there is shrimp by then, but if not my brother Michael will have something in the boxes to sell, trust me! Whether it is croakers or shrimp, we will have bait on the 1st!!!

It won't be long and summer fishing will be on!!! Y'all come on down to Campo's Marina in Shell Beach! We have two backdowns, ice, gas, diesel, and live bait! Y'all come on down and see us! At Campo's, you're not just fishermen, you're family!

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call at 504-239-6377.


The Campo's; Mabel, FJ, Michael, and Robert

Monday, April 19, 2010 @ 9:16:10 PM

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