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Robert Campo

Shell Beach, LA USA

Dear Paw Paw Blackie,
Today July 10Th marks the one year anniversary of your passing. In this pass year we, I mean F.J., Michael and myself Robert have done just what you asked us to do. First to take care of our Grandmother and we have done just that,second thing was to keep your legacy alive,loud and proud and we are doing a damn good job of that so far. I felt like it was appropriate to write you this letter,because if there was a in heaven I would want you to be able to read this. Boy I tell ya, In my 40 years I have seen alot of people pass away.But,never have I seen someone missed as much as you, paw-paw. Every morning I walk across to the bayou to open up I still look over my shoulder to see if you are walking behind me to start another day. But even though you are not there in person I still feel your loving caring spirit is still here with us everyday. I wish I could see you fishing with St. Peter and St.Paul in that big lake in heaven. One thing is for sure I have always read about those two guys but in my book I have gotten to know only one saint and that was you Paw-Paw.
P.S. I know we will never be able to look into those beautiful blue eyes again and tell you how much all of us love and miss you, but just so you know, Grandmother, F.J. , Kenny and all of your grandchildren and great grandchildren are dong fine. Zack is still reeling in the black drum and winning the fishing rodeos down in Shell Beach, what a chip off the old block! Oh, and your New Orleans Saints that you love so much are still the AINTS!


Friday, July 10, 2009 @ 5:39:30 PM

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