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Robert Campo

shell beach, LA USA

Windy condition out of the northeast about 15 to 25  mph. for the last four days.Which has been making fishing really tough, outside right now is out. But, inside from shell beach to biloxi marshes are some how still saving the day.
The fisherman that still want to brave the weather are catching a mixed bag of fish. So don't forget this, A bad day of fishing still beats a good day at work. So, come on down and see us at CAMPO'S we'll be waiting for ya!

Campos has two back down ramps,ice,gas,diesel crokers and live shrimp DAILY!!!!

Many Thanks From,
The Campos : Mrs. Mable, Frank Jr.(AKA) FJ, Michael, Robert, Blake and Wesley

Thursday, May 21, 2009 @ 9:14:26 PM

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