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Bob Gourgues Between the Banks

Thibodaux, LA USA

Hello Again Cyber Anglers, We continue to fish out of Bayou Black Marina in Gibson as in 29 years I have never found the Bass and Redfish biting so hard. I ran to Bayou Copasaw and as I was heading south, I came to mixing water in the BlueBird Canal area. Armed with my ¼ oz. chrome Bill Lewis rattletrap, I cranked the mixing water as it met Copasaw and had no problem catching my limit of Bass and Redfish. I worked all of Copasaw south of Bluebird for 1 mile, both sides where the banks dropped off to the middle.

I made sure that I capitalized on the two large release wells that my 2400 Tournament Pathfinder sports, releasing the bigger, egg bearing, female Bass in one well, while turning the bigger Redfish loose from the other well. Culling was definitely a plus as we took home only the plentiful smaller buck Bass and 16-18” Redfish.

I ran into a lot of folks that have been watching the series of Between the Banks Shows that we have been filming in this area, but not catching the fish that we have. Most of their problems were related to them setting up and fishing rattletrap with out clogging on grass and structure. One angler that was fishing Copasaw area while I was there, had lost all 6 of his chrome ¼ oz. rattle traps and was catching his Bass and Redfish on a shiner Sac-a-lait rig.

I pointed out that set up and boat position are key factors for rattletrap success. I gave the angler my rattle trap rod, a medium action, 7 foot Okuma Guide Select Rod with a 30 class Inspira high gear ratio reel, clad with 12 lb. low vis green, triple fish line. He pulled his boat away from the bank and the thicker grass beds and tree roots, repositioning along the 5-6 foot drop-offs. His depth finder was now on and in fish ID mode as he cast along the drop off and into the snag free, deeper water. Surprised at what was on sonar, it was not long before he hooked up, and returned my rod n reel.

If you are interested in checking out this incredible bite for yourself, tune into Between the Banks Television Show on LCN (Louisiana Connection Network) twice a day, am/pm. now has all of the last two months episodes up including the 4 Lake Penchant episodes. should be updated after the holiday. If you would like to experience the bite in person while plugging your business, drop an e., as we are booking 09 filming schedule. Channel info and contact info on my site here on

Will be at the New Orleans Boat Show this week from Wed thru Sunday at the Boat Stuf display. Come by and I’ll show you the new Yamaha powered Pathfinder boats especially the 2200 Tournament series. I should have the numbers on the 2400 Tournament that I use on the Tube if you are shopping or just want to talk fishing.

Congradulations Mike Lane on your Television Debut. Happy New Year to all, and thanks for watching and making 08. In the meantime good luck fishing……BOB

Monday, January 5, 2009 @ 1:08:01 PM

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