Where To Find Frank's Great Recipes!!!
   This webpage is designed to serve as a shopping mall for Frank Davis products and cookbooks.  Very often, though, visitors come here looking for recipes Frank does on television every Tuesday morning.  Those recipes are not posted nor can they be obtained from this site.

   To find them, go to www.wwl-tv.com.  This is the official Channel 4 and CBS website where Frank posts every dish he does for television. When you log on, click on Frank Davis In The Kitchen.  That will get you to the recipe of the week.  Then to find a complete list of  all the recipes Frank has done on his show in the past weeks and months, click on Recipe Archives.  From this point it's just a matter of scrolling down until you see the recipe you want and clicking on it to open it up. 

   With Frank's compliments, you are welcome to down- load any of the recipes you want.  And if you have any problem downloading, you may also call Frank's office at 504-529-6424, speak to his assistant Rob, and ask him to mail or fax you which copies you want.

   Of course, you then come back to this website to order your copies of either of Frank's three cookbooks or any of his gourmet seasonings.  All you do is click on the Cookbooks and Products section on the main menu and follow the directions.  If you'd prefer to order by direct mail, you can also call Frank's operators at the corporate office at 1-800-742-4231 toll free.


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