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Frank Campo's Marina - The Place Where Memories are Made
Open 5am - 6pm * 7 Days a Week

Frank Campo's Marina
1301 Yscloskey Hwy * St Bernard, LA 70085
Email: bcampo@aol.com

Early morning sunrise, sports-fishermen and Shell Beach, Louisiana all mean the same thing to metro anglers "Frank Campo’s Marina", the oldest family owned and operated marina in the state of Louisiana. To many of these, Shell Beach is more then a fishing hole, it is a landmark for the sport fishing world. In a society where fishing ranks close to God and family on the list of priorities.

Shell Beach is a small fishing village on the shoreline of Lake Borgne in eastern St. Bernard Parish. For many sport fishing families. It is the place Paw – Paws took Daddies and now Daddies take their sons to wet their first line. Long before our highways brought us to places such as Venice, Empire and Port Sulphur Louisiana, sport fishermen could catch a train to the resort hotels on the shoreline of Lake Borgne. Many local Islenos residents supplemented their commercial fishing industry by towing continuous strings of rental skiffs to some of the greatest fishing areas in Louisiana.

By early 1960’s such places as the“Priest camp”, Bayou Sue, Stump Lagoon and the “Rocks” became household names in the sport fishing world.

Blackie Campo, is a legend at Shell Beach has continued on with a business that opened in the early 1900’s. Now as we enter into a new millennium, Blackie can be found greeting customers each morning.

Fishing Shell Beach - Shell Beach offers fishing opportunities to the sports fishermen in some of the most complex and productive marshes in Southeast Louisiana. Shell Beach also allows access to such places as Breton and Chandleur Islands. Battledore Reef, Bay Eloi and Black Bay.

With new technology and improved fishing techniques our sportsmen have learned to fish the dreaded winter months from January to March. By fishing deeper holes in canals and bayous such as St. Malo, Bayou Sue, Grande, Biloxi and Bayou La Loutre winter fishermen continue to reel in great catches of reds and specks.

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