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"Absolutely the Best"
by: Norman Flynn

Have you ever been on a fishing trip that was so good it was almost hard to believe it happened? I experienced one such trip in early Feb. Fishing with one of the best-known fishermen in Louisiana that being Captain Mike Frenette. We were filming a red snapper trip for Mike's fishing report for WVUE-TV, channel 8 in New Orleans. We were also doing a VIP fishing trip for, Louisiana Fishing And Hunting. Our VIP winner was Emmett Galloway from Gretna, Louisiana.

A VIP winner is a fisherman or hunter that was chosen for the contribution they made to the fishing report section for the consistent and accurate reports that they have posted.

Our crew consisted of Captain Mike Frenette and Captain Frank Lawson of the charter boat Teaser, Mike Lane, Helmut Ermlich and myself Norman Flynn of (The Louisiana Fishing Team), and VIP winner Emmett Galloway.

We headed into the Gulf of Mexico, about twenty miles off shore out of Venice, Louisiana. The weather was foggy, rainy, cold, and gloomy. But the fishing more then made up for the lousy weather. We reached our destination at a platform in 140 ft. of water. From the time we dropped our first line down, till the time we left, it was big snapper and grouper one after another. It was unbelievable. The smallest red snapper was ten pounds with the largest at 23 pounds. The grouper were from 20 to 40 pounds. We were using whole pogies with sliding sinkers, fished between 100 to 140 feet of water. It was fantastic. The minute your bait got down, your rod would bend over double and the fight was on. These large snapper and grouper put up a great fight. After about two hours of this great fishing, my left arm lost most of its strength. But when the fishing is this good you can't stop. With the help of the boat railing, I was able to catch a few more of these beautiful fish.

We had reached our snapper limit and were working on the few grouper that we needed to too complete our limit. I happened to look to the east of where we were fishing and saw something as impressive as the fishing but a lot more scary. It was a huge thunderstorm that was only about one mile from us and headed our way. It was massive with rolling black clouds and lightening. That's all it took to make us realize it was time to put the rod and reels down and head on home. To get back to Venice, we had to go through this massive storm. If you have ever been caught in one of these thunderstorms, you know how scary it is.

Mike's 27 ft, Contender was up to the challenge. As we headed into the thunderstorm at 52 miles an hour, we went through very quickly and barely got wet. We were extremely lucky that it wasn't as bad as it looked.

Everyone was excited about how good the fishing was. I asked Emmett what he thought about the fishing, and he said he did not know if there were words enough to describe how much he enjoyed his VIP trip. I don't think anyone on this trip will ever forget it.

Norman Flynn
Louisiana Fishing & Hunting
Metairie, LA
(504) 368-5508

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