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Congratulations! You've found, in the opinion of many, "the best classified ads site" to sell your Vehicles, Real estate, RV's, Boats, Outboard Motors and Outdoor Equipment online with over 150,000+ customer visits to our site weekly.

If you need help, please call our office @ (504) 613-6171 M/F 9am to 5pm - we might be fishing so be sure to leave a message.

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  • "Thank you, the boat has been sold in 1 day"  Ricky Bosco

  • "I can tell when my ad has expired to rent my lodge …the phone stops ringing"  Gary

  • "Because of ROD & Reel, I found a buyer in Biloxi"  Paul D'ANNA

  • "I sold the generator in 12 hours - It was well worth it"  Jeffrey Weyenberg

  • "Great setup! Uploading pictures was a breeze. Sold my boat in nine days"  Charles

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  • "Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your online classifieds. Within 1 hour of placing our ad (with photos), we got an e-mail from someone who ended up purchasing our boat. Our ad was online for 5 days and we averaged at least one e-mail or phone call per day. Thank you for providing a wonderful service."  Crystal

  • "I admit to being skeptical about your ad working, but I sold my boat the third day after placing my ad. I could've sold it the second day, but I was out of town! My buyer was in the other half of the state and bought my boat at my price! What a great site - keep up the good work!"  Paul

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