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Louisiana Fish Records
Gar, Alligator - (Rod & Reel - Saltwater Division)

Documented and kept by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association

Gar, Alligator
Lepisosteus spatula
Weight(Lbs.)Angler's NameLocation CaughtDate Caught
179.00*Jimmy L. ThompsonRed RiverMay 1997
134.00*James StricklandRed RiverMay 1997
102.94*Stephen G. Landry
Vermillion BaySeptember 2004
100.31*Michael Shawn SuriffLake PontchartrainJune 2000
80.00*Wm. "Billy" CrawfordLake PontchartrainJune 1996
61.00Harry D. SelsorEden Isles, Lake PontchartrainOctober 1991
52.75*Robert Wells
Madison Bay, Montegut, LASeptember 2004
An asterisks(*) by the weight indicates verification by a state biologist or fisheries professional

all ounce weights are converted into hundredths of pound (16oz) for uniformity.

Please note: The Louisiana Fish Records listed on this website are up to date as of 7/30/2010. The records contained on this website are not updated as frequently as those on the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, the official keeper of the records. For the latest data, please see the Louisiana Fish Records located on the LOWA website.

You can also download and print the Louisiana Fish Records application and rules. There are two versions, one for Rod and Reel and one for Fly Fishing. These documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format (*.pdf).

Rod and Reel and Fly Fishing Application

Send inquiries & Fish Record Copy requests to ($5 hardcopy or disk ):
(Can also email as attached file in either WP or MS Word)

LOWA Fish Records
P.O. Box 8571
Clinton, LA 70722-8571

For further information concerning fish records you can email the Fish Records Chairman at: fishrecords@yahoo.com.

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