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 Conservation and Political Issues
 Conservation Issues
 Duck Hunting
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Posted - 02/28/2007 :  5:12:43 PM  Show Profile
I would like everyone to post their opinion or theory on what is happening to duck hunting and why. Please include reasons and what can be done.

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Posted - 02/28/2007 :  8:03:50 PM  Show Profile
I really feel the weather was a huge factor this year. It never got cold the whole season. There is not much that can be done for that one.

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Posted - 03/01/2007 :  07:32:12 AM  Show Profile
Our lease is out of Myrtle Grove. We did OK. Not limits all the time, but if you worked at it you always got a few. A decent amount of birds passed through our area giving us some action, but we did not have the food to hold them. High water from Rita (not Katrina) killed all the grass in our ponds. I really believe that we would have had a very good season if we had grass. Was out in the marsh Monday and saw a lot of Blue Wing Teal and a big flock of Widgeon.

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Posted - 03/01/2007 :  9:42:02 PM  Show Profile
I hunt south and east Arkansas but many of our ducks use the same flyway. Personally, my last three seasons have been terrible. I know I am a better hunter, better equiped, and have much more time to hunt than 30 years ago. During the years of lower limits, counting points and even the later shooting hours we usually killed more ducks,in less time,with inferior equipment and calling ability.
I think several reasons have all come together to cause our problems.Ducks have evolved: Feeding in dry fields was almost never seen in Arkansas in the past and is quite common now. One close hunting buddy has started going to Oklahoma to hunt dry fields for his main hunt each year. Flapping wing decoys {Robo} have made effective duck harvesters out of people who would not kill 1/10 the birds without it. Robo is banned in Arkansas now but was not nearly as effective the last couple of years it was legal. I pheasant hunt in South Dakota and the young friend I hunt with there talks about how many more people hunt now that they can Robo. According to him, there were very few ducks killed before and now many more people arehunting and being successful. Have you ever seen the outdoors show where the two guys are set up in the dry field.barely camoflouged, and have to move the Robo away from them because the ducks are too close to shoot? I think the limit is eight mallards there, and everyone limits daily. Young ducks are the most vulnerable to Robos and by the time we see them the young dumb ones have mostly been killed.
Since our season closed January 28th, there has been a huge increase in ducks in state. Cold weather does not affect dry feeding ducks. The snow cover north of here is what makes big numbers move now. The natural early migration is growing smaller and smaller. We hunt harder and more effectively leaving fewer and fewer ducks with the early migration instinct to return to breed.
I hate to sound pessimistic, but it will continue to deteriorate unless changes are made. We will have occasional good years because of freak weather, but in general the decline will continue until something changes.
Some of my buddies believe that once it gets bad enough people will quit hunting and the population will slowly naturally rebound. I don't agree, I think unless more young birds make it thru the gauntlet of hunters north of us we will not improve.
Another idea I like to discuss is raising ducks locally to imprint the broods here. Some scientific data supports, some says it would be ineffective. I can say it has worked beyond belief with Canada Geese. They have gone from rare here to a nuisance since being raised in pens on the Arkansas river. They are now plentiful almost statewide.Might have to put bright orange collars on released ducks to keep them from being shot.
Long response but there are no short answers. #1 Ban Spinning wings here and in Canada!!!!!! Results would be immediate. If they would ban, I would take a voluntary cut in limit of 50% and let them keep their limit as it is.
Good hunting and if you had ducks this year, give thanks.

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Posted - 03/06/2007 :  8:43:52 PM  Show Profile
Check out the link below:http://www.nola.com/sports/t-p/marshall/index.ssf?/base/sports-0/1172999731143020.xml&coll=1&thispage=1

Cut and paste to address line if it doen't come out as link.
Glad to see some are coming to their senses about spinning wings. A disscussion is going on the hunting report section about Mojo/robos.One guy says "so what, the limit is six and if I only kill my six I'm not hurtung population." What he must realize is that regulators don't expect everyone to get their limit every day. If they did , limits would be cut to one to three per day. Limits are for the rare and glorious days when everything works and you could shoot dozens, or for the fortunate gew who have access to private honey holes. I enjoy success and have filled many limits, but do not feel I have had a bad hunt if I don't. As you get older, body count is less importent than a quality hunt. Contact your representatives about banning spinning wings here and in Canada. Just had to vent somemore.

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